About the Artist

I was born in November of 1943, in Long Beach, CA, a war baby of World War II.  My childhood was spent in a normal middle class family with five children.  At an early age I enjoyed reading, building model airplanes and drawing.  I completed my early elementary and high school education in the San Gabriel valley of Los Angeles County.  After high school graduation I attended a local Junior College majoring in Art, Architecture and Industrial Design.  Finally, the desire to earn an income caused me to leave college before completing a degree course.

My creative career began as a pen and ink draftsman in the Civil Engineering field in the mid 1960?s. Those were the days when there were no personal computers or CAD programs and drafting was done by hand. It is a trite expression but I had in fact been drawing throughout my youth. When it was time to earn a living as a young adult, drafting was a viable option that also paid well and enabled me to begin a family in Orange County, California, USA. I also pursued my education in the arts at local colleges.

In 1976 we decided to leave the "rat race" and moved to the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. For thirteen years I pursued my art full time, using pen & ink, oils or acrylics to portray the history and beauty of the area.  Then I began combining the locale with my vision of what may lie ahead in our future if we have the will to explore the new frontier "out there". The art was and is inspired by NASA, the science fiction I love reading and the awesome geography of our location. I try to base the scenes on some science but the glory of the image is paramount to me. It has been said that there are "galaxies like grains of sand" so who can say what might be possible.

My art is in over 375 collections across the United States. Awards and honors include:

  • "Homeworld", Juried Showcase Wall, L. A. Con II (World S. F. Convention), Los Angeles, CA
  • "Toccata and Fugue in D", New Jersey State Museum 1st Annual Invitational Space Art Exhibit
  • "What is Man...?", Best Science Fiction, Con-Version IV, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • "Forever, 51-L", Best Science Fiction, Oasis II, Orlando, FL
  • "Forever, 51-L", Fan Guest of Honor Award, Loscon 13, Pasadena, CA
  • "Stone Skipper II", 2nd Best Science Fiction, Tropicon VII, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • "The Catalyst" (print), Honorable Mention, Marcon XXIV, Columbus, OH
  • "The Catalyst" (print), Peoples Choice Award - Best Science Fiction, InCon 2003, Spokane, WA
  • 1st Place Fantasy  Pro Division and 2nd Place Science Fiction Pro Division, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Association Convention, Los Angeles, CA
  • "To Touch the Hand of God", 2nd Place Fantasy, Leprecon 11, Phoenix, AZ
  • My 300 print limited edition lithograph of the Mono County, CA courthouse has sold out.

In 1989 the needs of a growing family forced a decision to again seek "regular" employment. I found myself back in the Civil Engineering drafting field. This time, however, personal computers were entering the work place and I rapidly learned to use them and the new CAD programs as a tool. As a result, I am comfortable with the machines. I have learned new skills in digital imaging and print production that has enabled me to both preserve my art in digital form and provide the images to a wider audience through inkjet pigment print production.

I am now retired from CAD work. It is my goal to finally be able to devote my life to my art.

Thank you for visiting my online gallery,

George W. Todd III

Page updated 03 March 2014