Science Fiction and Space Art Gallery

Note: All of the originals have been sold.  However we can provide smaller size prints of them.  The art is shown in a simple frame for display purposes only. 

After the Challenger accident 01 January 1986, she continues on in spirit with her crew of seven.
"Forever, 51-L" - Acrylic -28"x22"
An exploration team lands on a distant world
"Seven-league Boots" - Acrylic - 24"x18"
The new 2350 GM Personal Exploratory Vehicle on a test drive.
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A terraforming cityship at work.
"The Catalyst" - Acrylic - 24"x18"
A scientific outpost on a distant world near a red dwarf star.
"Endurance" - Acrylic - 20"x16"
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"Homeworld" - Acrylic - 24"x18"
Our cruise ship leaving for the next stop on our tour.
"Stone-skipper II" - Acrylic - 24"x18"
Inspired by "The Avatar" by Poul Anderson.
"Chinook Leaving Demeter" - Acrylic - 24"x18"
A container ship carrying a load of U-Haul moving pods heads out.
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Three patrol ships leave for a trouble spot.
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Inspired by the book "Faded Sun Kutath" by C. J. Cheryh
"After the Dark, Oh Brothers, Oh Sisters, Come We Home" -Acrylic - 24"x30"
The Space Shuttle Columbia's maiden voyage.
"Toccata and Fugue in D (Thanks to NASA and J. S. Bach)" - Acrylic - 24"x12"
Looks like a nice day for sailing!
"Twin Cities #2" - Acrylic - 24"x18"
My vision of a full moon and glowing tufa towers at Mono Lake, California.
"Children of the Moon" - Acrylic - 24"x36"
An artificial intelligence capable robot returning to the keep.
"Almost Home" - Acrylic - 10"x7"
An alien being is relaxing on one of the giant crystal formations on this planet.
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Advanced architecture near a liquid sea on a distant world.
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A vanished race has left an image carved in the rock of this world.
"The Sentinel Waits" - Acrylic - 18"x24"
An image from my imagination of a Sierra Nevada mountain peak silhouetted against an astronomical nebula.
"Nebula and Mountains" - Acrylic - 24"x24"

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